Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions only from referrals and writers conferences

We are looking for the following:

FICTION: thrillers, suspense, mysteries, mainstream, action/adventure, Christian

NON-FICTION: how-to, self-help, law, true crime, current affairs, popular culture, women’s issues, biography, history, travel, sports, politics, entertainment, spiritual and inspirational

SCREENPLAYS: We are Associate Managers of AEI – Atchity Entertainment International, a literary management company in Beverly Hills, California.  AEI is looking for projects with high commercial potential.

We accept queries by e-mail or snail mail, but, please, no attachments to e-mail – we will not open attachments.

Your query should include the following (whether by e-mail or snail mail):

The title of the book

For fiction, tell the genre (e.g., mystery, thriller, mainstream, etc.)

For non-fiction, tell the type of book (e.g., history, how-to, self-help, politics, etc.)

For novels, give the word count

Give a brief description of the project – this means tell us what it’s about. For screenplays, include a logline, followed by a brief description of the story.  A logline is a one- or two-sentence statement of the concept.  For example a logline for Air Force One would be “Terrorists hijack the President’s plane.”

Tell us a little about yourself, including whether you’ve been published before and/or awards you have won for your writing.  For non-fiction, tell why you’re qualified to write about the subject.

If sending your query by snail mail, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

For more information on writing a query letter, click here.

After reading your query, we may ask you for the following:

FICTION: A synopsis and the first thirty pages.  For more information on writing a synopsis, click here.

NON-FICTION: A completed book proposal. For more information on writing a non-fiction book proposal, click here.

SCREENPLAYS: The entire script

Your book submission should appear in the following format:

  • double-spaced
  • 12-point type, in either Times New Roman or Courier font
  • at least 1-inch margins on all sides
  • left margin justification only
  • page numbers should appear in the upper right corner on all pages except the title page
  • your last name and the title or a key word from the title should appear in the upper left corner on all pages (e.g., Mitchell/Gone With the Wind)
  • the title page should include the title of the book, your name, and contact information
  • each new chapter should begin on a new page, approximately one-third of the way down on the page
  • no “widow/orphan” protection
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