Sketch a Falling Star

Sketch a Falling Star:  A Portrait of Crime Mystery

By Sharon Pape

Berkley Books

When the Way Off Broadway Players get swept up in a flash flood while sightseeing in Arizona, Rory McCain’s aunt Helene and her fellow amateur thespians survive — with the exception of Presont Wright.  The victim was actually quite an actor — he was a womanizing scam artist who duped nearly everyone in the troupe, as well as an ex-con who operated under various aliases.

While Preston’s death was found to be an act of nature, Rory can’t discount the possibility that human nature may have contributed to his drowning.  But even as she investigates the cast of characters to find out which one played the villain, Rory is finally on the verge of solving a very personal cold case:  the murder of her ghost partner, Zeke. . .