By Payne Harrison

  Variance Publishing

Payne Harrison’s STORMING INTREPID was a New York Times Bestseller and a Cold War classic that helped define the techno-thriller genre.

Now with EUROSTORM he weaves his narrative magic yet again – this time aboard the Eurostar bullet train as it races under the English Channel from London to Paris.  Sealed within the vault of an “impregnable” security car is a substance so secret and so lethal that only a handful of “mandarins” within Her Majesty’s Government even know of its existence.

Yet when the train exits the “Chunnel” and heads toward Paris, Scotland Yard learns too late that an evil force has literally risen from the grave to ensnare the train and hijack a cargo that could alter the world as we know it.

As the cumbersome cross-Channel bureaucracies struggle to respond, the only hope that emerges to keep this horrific genie in the bottle is a small team of French commandos that takes to the air to board the Eurostar as it hurtles across the countryside at 186 m.p.h. — with nothing less than the future of the planet in the balance.

Here’s what the critics are saying about EUROSTORM:

Eurostorm is like a thriller on steroids.  There’s [Harrison’s] usual huge cast of characters, impeccable research, slingshot pacing, and heart-stopping, cliffhanger chapter endings. . . . If you enjoy extremely fast-paced thrillers that cover a huge amount of ground and information while keeping you on the edge of your barstool, read Eurostorm by Payne Harrison.”  — Joe Moore, The Kill Zone

“Techno-thriller author is back in the game” — The Dallas Morning News       To read about the Eurostorm action-adventure game that can be played on the iPhone or iPad, click here 

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