All the Babe’s Men

All the Babe’s Men:  Baseball’s Greatest Home Run Seasons and How They Changed America

By Eldon L. Ham

Potomac Books, Inc.

All the Babe’s Men demonstrates how the greatest home run seasons of Ruth, Gehrig, Greenberg, Mantle, Maris, Aaron, Sosa-McGwire, and Bonds did more than just change baseball — they influenced who we are as a nation.  Baseball trumps all sports where it counts most:  deep in America’s gut.  We are a nation obsessed by the home run in baseball, business, and life — a capitalist society built to swing for the fences and willing to move those fences to bamboozle a better rip at nirvana.  All the Babe’s Men is about how baseball molded us into such a home run society.

The author, Eldon Ham, was one of the first lawyers to challenge the NFL drug policy (Richard Dent v. NFL, 1988) and has represented sports agents and athletes for 20 years, including such luminaries as Kenny Lofton (baseball), Deion Sanders (football), Zucker Sports (agent), and Muhammad Ali.  He is the author of The 100 Greatest Sports Blunders of All Time (Master’s Press 1997), The PlayMasters — From Sellouts to Lockouts: An Unauthorized History of the NBA (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill 2000) and Larceny and Old Leather (Academy Chicago 2005), which explores the larcenous legacy of major league baseball from juiced balls to juiced players.

Here’s what the critics are saying about All the Babe’s Men:

“As a historian and law professor, Eldon Ham is uniquely positioned to show us why the home run has always meant something beyond the box score–and why it always will.  All the Babe’s Men will prove both entertaining and informative for baseball fans, sports professionals, and history buffs alike.”  — Stephen Veltman, player representative and general counsel, SFX Baseball Group

“No recurring event in American sports has ever captured the public’s imagination like the home run. And no athlete has ever quite matched the home run hitter in terms of fan fascination. From the Olympian Babe Ruth to the everyman Roger Maris to the tragically flawed Barry Bonds, baseball fans have treated the home run and the players who hit them in record numbers as the apotheosis of baseball. Eldon Ham has explored the origins and development of the ‘home run mystique’ and the reason why it gained such an exalted place in American popular culture. Part cultural history and part meditation on the deepest meaning of baseball, All the Babe’s Men provides a provocative interpretation of the national pastime’s signature event.”—J. Gordon Hylton, professor of law, Marquette University, and former director, National Sports Law Institute