Here are some articles written by Mike to help you with your writing.


To Register, or Not To Register, Your Copyright

You’ve just finished that screenplay you’ve been breaking your back for the last six months to write.  Will you bother to register your copyright with the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress? 

Read more to understand the benefits of registering.

The Disease of Writing

How do you deal with the urge to quit, to never finish what you started?  By learning to love the process. 

Read more on how to persevere.

An Interview with Robert McKee

Don’t try to tell Robert McKee, fabled “Story” guru, that Hollywood is placing stumbling blocks in the way of your success.  “That’s all just a bunch of whining,” he said.  “It just means you haven’t written a story of surpassing quality.”

Read more from the man of strong opinions.

Authors, Agents, and Publishers:  Who, What, When, Where and How

Read more about this triumphant trio.

 How to Get Rejected

 If your goal is to get rejected by an agent, learn from the experts.

Read more for tips from these “experts.”  

License to Steal:  Good Ideas, Bad Ideas, and Copyright Infringement

 “Someone stole my idea” is a common refrain but actually hard to prove in court.

Read more to see why.  

The California Talent Agencies Act and Personal Managers: Are They or Aren’t They Covered?

What happens when managers act like agents?

Read more to find out.

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